The Sounds of PDX Coffee

If you need a break from reading about Portland coffee, today I am sharing with you a link to a site where you can listen about coffee. A couple weeks ago I met Evan Tenenbaum, an independent audio producer who is producing a weekly series of short audio documentaries about the city of Portland. His site is called Organic City Sounds, and last week’s topic was coffee. Evan wanted to get the perspective of an enthusiastic coffee drinker/writer as part of his production, so he asked if we could sit down for a few minutes and talk about coffee.

We met at Coava, on SE Grand, where the crew behind the bar was the dynamic duo of Sam Purvis, the 2010 Northwest Regional Barista Champion, and Devin Chapman, the 2010 Northwest Regional Pourover Champion. As you can imagine, the coffee was good. Unfortunately, the café was a bit noisy for doing the actual interview, so instead of hanging around and drinking more coffee, we headed to a nearby park to finish our conversation.

Here’s the link:

In the seven-minute clip you can also hear Aleco Chigounis, chief coffee buyer for Stumptown Coffee, and Matt Milletto, VP of the American Barista & Coffee School and co-owner of Water Avenue Coffee, give their perspectives on what makes Portland coffee special.

I encourage you to check out the coffee piece as well as some of the other sounds of the city that Evan has collected and put together for you.