A Few Links for Friday

I hope everyone was fortunate enough to have a nice Thanksgiving meal yesterday, as well as the common sense to not eat too much. Here are a few things that showed up this week in the coffee news. 

Green Mountain Coffee’s future may not be as rosy as some investors think. Link

Illy Coffee is pushing into the hotel market, edging into Starbuck’s territory. Link

World’s "finest coffee" from a cat’s arse? Link and Link 2 (the ‘innovative’ company’s website)

Who knew that studying coffee rings left behind on mugs could have industrial applications? Link

Frank Bruni of the New York Times wasn’t so impressed with the his Chemex coffee maker, and longed for the return of his Mr. Coffee machine. Link

Stumptown and the “third wave” of coffee are sweeping over the East Cost (at least it has reached Hartford, Connecticut). Link

Portland Ducati dealer MotoCorsa is teaming up with Ristretto Roasters to create the CorsaCoffee brand for all of you motorcycle enthusiasts. Link

A Dutch Bros. barista doesn’t mess around when someone tries to rob his café. Link