Links for Week of December 4-10

Dutch Bros. is standing by its barista who killed a would-be robber, even though carrying weapon was against company policy (link)

Sumo wrestler in Fukoka, Japan, tries to rob coffee shop by sneaking in through open window (must have been a big window). (link)

Kraft’s and Starbucks’ divorce keeps getting uglier. Kraft has petitioned the courts for an injunction against the termination of their relationship (link)

Oprah really stepped in it when she decided to promote McCafes in Australia (link)

Kuma Coffee in Seattle is disclosing the prices it pays for green coffee beans in an effort to combat the perception that Fair Trade coffee is always better (link)

Interesting marketing idea from the UK: free coffee for finding and returning a café’s coffee mugs which had been spread out over town (link)

Cheap and convenient: Nestle is selling instant coffee (with sugar and cream) in small packets to increase sales in Africa (link)

Tufts University in Somerville, MA, has hipsters too (No, PDX, it’s not just you) (link)

Howard Schultz has been nominated as CEO of the Decade by MarketWatch, though if I were to bet, I’d put my money on Steve Jobs. (link)