Friday Afternoon Links-December 17

A few links to help you feel “in the know” about the coffee world for the last week:

Coffee futures continue to rise on coffee supply concerns combined with fund buying (BusinessWeek) link

In addition, the International Coffee Exchange is changing the rules about how coffee contracts can be fulfilled, effectively reducing the supply available to fulfill contracts. This is not going to help coffee prices come down anytime soon (note: the following link only available to Wall Street Journal subscribers, but you can also access the article if you are using Starbucks’ in-store wireless network). link

No more weed with your coffee in Holland-The Netherlands government is not going to allow cafés to sell marijuana to non-Dutch citizens anymore. link

A nice analysis of the Kraft-Starbucks breakup from the Omaha World-Herald. link

In Tehachapi, California, the coffee will come to you. link

If you’re interested in knowing how much caffeine your Starbucks coffee has, Energy Fiend has a fairly comprehensive list. link

The “coffee from a cat’s arse” that we linked to a few weeks ago is going to cost you $30 per cup in Vancouver, Canada. link

Tiny Footprint Coffee claims to have a carbon-negative coffee. link