Christmas Eve 2010 Links

Coffee news (and other stuff) from this week:

Ethiopian Coffee is sitting at the top of the table, three points ahead of Defence, as it prepares to take on St. Georges in the EPL (Ethiopian Premier League) this week. link

Coffee and Free Speech- A group of Baristas who simultaneously quit at Gorilla Coffee in Brooklyn and then sent their grievances to the New York Times are being sued for defamation by their former bosses. This week, Nelson Mandela’s former lawyer decided to defend them. link

Starbucks and Mississippi River Pulp are working to improve and increase the recycling of paper cups. link

The Oregonian says that TaborSpace, a café built in part of the Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church, might be the “most distinctive coffeehouse in Portland.” You can be the judge. link

More bad news for coffee drinkers’ wallets next year. Brazil’s agriculture minister said this week that the 2011 crop will be 23% smaller than the 2010 crop, the lowest in four years. link

Dunkin’ Donuts would like to see limits on speculation in the coffee market. link

I know it’s a little late for this Christmas, but here’s something to keep in mind for that person who already has everything: a coffee enema in a can. You will love the illustrations. link

I think the TSA could use one. link


Merry Christmas to all! Or, if you prefer, humbug!