Friday Afternoon Links-December 3rd

Here are a few things that went on in the coffee world this week, in case you missed them.

Starbucks is working on recycling all their cups (Link)

In Munich, Germany, Laundromat+Coffee Shop = Laundrocafé (Link)

Instead of selling Fair Trade coffee, Illy educates and train its growers (Link)

More bad weather in Colombia could mean higher coffee prices in 2011 (Link to BusinessWeek article)

The barista from Dutch Bros. who killed a man who attempted to rob his kiosk will not face charges (Link)

Costa Rica is importing green coffee beans for the first time to satisfy domestic demand (Link)

Rumor has it that Starbucks is thinking about buying Peet’s Coffee (Link)

Coffee grown in California? Yep. (Link)

The Restroom Association of Singapore (that’s not a misprint) has granted 5-star status to a coffee shop’s commode in Singapore’s Tampines area (Link)

Equator Coffee and Teas is working with the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves to improve the lives of their coffee growers (and others) (Link)

By making coffee buying decisions easier, Seattle’s Best is hoping to reach more customers (Link)

Interested in the history of the Moka express pot? Do you even know what a Moka express pot is? Here’s a quick explanation (Link)