Last Links for 2010

Let's do this one more time to send out 2010 in style:

According to the L.A. Times, one of the new fads to hit Seoul is to go to ‘cat cafés’, where customers can play with cats while they drink their coffee. My favorite quote from the article? "A lot of women lead their boyfriends here by the hand." What a surprise. You’d have to drag me by the had to get me there. link

By the way, my friend Jennie Griffin, who writes Not Just Kimchi, a great blog about life in Seoul, discovered them back in April. link

The coming of the New Year is accompanied by several articles about coffee and hangovers. Coffee is not a cure for a hangover, but not drinking too much seems to work pretty well. link

CNN has 10 ways to beat a hangover too. The article says that “if you’re a regular coffee drinker, skipping the java when you’re hung over may—or may not be—a good idea.” Hmm. Thanks, CNN.  link

The Korea Herald has an article about some posh Seoul restaurants that also serve civet cat coffee (What is it with Korea and cats this week?). I don’t know about their coffee choices, but the food sounds pretty damn good. link

If you drink Passion Coffee, you should stop now. link

She’s no Lorena Bobbit, but Barbara St. John did attack her husband while he was sleeping—with coffee. link

Arlington’s Examiner has the ‘Top ten coffee news facts in 2010’ in case you missed them. Of course, if you missed them all, you haven’t been reading enough of Caffeinated PDX. link

Have a great 2011.