On the Road Again

We finished harvest yesterday (we were lucky to get done--it rained hard today), so tomorrow I will be returning to Portland after nine days in Dayton. To come back, I'm going to take the bus from Walla Walla to Portland. I had planned to catch the train in Pasco, but two things made me change my mind. The first is that the train leaves Pasco at 5:35am, which means that I would have to leave Dayton by 4am to make it on time. No thanks! The bus, on the other hand, departs from Walla Walla at 11:45, which means I don't have to leave Dayton until 10:45. Much, much better. I can use the extra sleep.

The second reason I decided to take the bus is that I think the bus will be more interesting than the train. As my friend Dave Schreck said today, when you ride the bus you get to see an "interesting slice of Americana." I agree. The people that ride the bus are a different crowd than the people who take the train, and I hope to run into someone with a fascinating story that I can share with you. Until then, happy Friday.