The day after we finished harvest, I found a coffee shop in my hometown where I could sit down to write a few things. It’s called Jitters, and it is located on Main Street in Dayton, WA. Here’s what I found out about Jitters, just in case you ever pass through Dayton. Jitters is a great place to go if you’re looking for a quiet place on a rainy day. With its old, red-brick walls and its well-worn hardwood floors. Jitters would fit in well in Portland’s coffee scene. Located in the heart of Main Street, the café resides in the historic Engle Building, built in 1887.

Upon entering, you are greeted warmly by Yara Underwood, the owner. She and her husband Scott have run the café since June of this year. I asked Yara why they decided to open the café. “Well,” she said, “I love coffee, and my husband does too, and we wanted to start a high-quality coffee shop.” Sounds like a plan to me, especially since the couple already has the entrepreneurial spirit. Scott has had his own computer repair/networking business since he was in high school, and he now runs that business from an office at the back of the café. In the afternoons, he takes his own turn behind the La Marzocco espresso machine.

A historic setting

My first visit to the café, I ordered a double espresso. The total came to$1.62, which I thought was too low, considering the quality of the coffee. The espresso had a thick, rich crema, and the taste was smooth and sweet. I asked Yara where they got their coffee. She told me that it comes from the Walla Walla Roastery in Walla Walla, Washington. I was not surprised to hear this—in the past, my wife and I have discussed many times that if we ever stared a café, we would probably buy our coffee there too.

In addition to great coffee, Jitters also has a selection of baked goods, all made on-site, every day. I didn’t try any (I’m watching my weight), but I heard several customers lament that the pumpkin bars had already sold out for the day when they arrived. In addition to pumpkin bars, you could also buy muffins, brownies and other goodies. There were a few gift-type things for sale, but the focus of the shop was on providing great coffee and friendly service, two things that left me with a good first impression.

Yara, the owner

Jitters made a good second impression too. Later in the afternoon, I had an hour to kill before a meeting, so I went back and ordered a small latte (double). The total this time was $2.70, still reasonable, and I was pleased with the drink I received.

Would I recommend Jitters? Yes. Will I go back? You bet. Between the friendly service and the high-quality coffee, I have a new favorite coffee shop in Dayton…



Address: 232 E Main St, Dayton, WA 99328 (map)

Phone: 509.382.0444

Free Wi-fi? yes

Recommend it? Yes

Hours: Monday-Friday 8-5

            Saturday 8-2

            Sunday CLOSED

Website: www.jittersindayton.com (page still under construction)