Café Delirium

At the end of my long journey to find Café Delirium, I was like a man who had staggered across the desert searching for water. Thirst had overcome my strength and I was about to give up, leaving myself to bake in the desert sun and feed the vultures. One step short of giving up, my weary eyes spotted something in the distance. Were those trees? Could there be water up ahead, or was it just another mirage like so many others had been? Could I have really found my destination? I was hopeful—and a few steps later I realized I had made it to the promised land! Tears of joy and relief filled my eyes as I stumbled the last few steps into paradise. A lake of fresh, cool water awaited me! I plunged my hands in, then my head and finally my whole body, my refreshment complete. . . .

The sign leading to paradise

Okay, that might be a little dramatic, but you can imagine how happy I was to reach the café after walking for so long. Café Delirium could have been the worst café I’ve ever been to and I would have been inclined to give it a great review. I did enjoy my time at Café Delirium, but not only because it was such a relief to get there. Located in Historic Downtown Gresham, the café is a fun place to hang out. When you walk in you feel welcomed. The large café has a mix of seating: big stuffed chairs, perfect for lounging with a book and a cappuccino. There are a couple couches where you can grab a latte and catch up with friends after work or school. If you want to write or study, you can do that too at one of the café’s several tables.

On its website, Café Delirium says that it wants to be your “home away from home,” and I think many people treat it like that. As I watched people enter the café, the friendly baristas greeted several of the customers by name. The coffee from Caravan Coffee in Newburg, Oregon was not exceptional but it was worth drinking. As usual, I ordered a double espresso ($2).

The noise level in the café fluctuated quite a bit while I was there. When I arrived about 1:30pm, the café was fairly quiet. Soft rock was being played over the speakers, but not loudly enough to be a bother. Over the next couple hours, the café filed up nearly to capacity, and the din of conversation grew. It was clear that the café was popular.

In addition to coffee, Café Delirium has a full lunch menu of soups, sandwiches and salads. They also have a drink called the Crouching Tiger, if you think you’re up to it. It is a blended drink of chocolate, milk, ice and espresso beans covered in whipped cream and draped with caramel sauce. Sounded good, but I didn’t think I could drink a whole one by myself, so I held off. Maybe I will in the future, when I go back.



Address: 308 N Main Ave, Gresham, OR 97030 (map)

Phone: 503.666.2002

Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30am-9pm

            Saturday 7am-9pm

            Sunday 7:30am-7pm

Coffee: Caravan

Free Wi-Fi? Yes

Recommend it? Yes, if you’re out visiting Historic Downtown Gresham. I wouldn’t recommend walking there from downtown PDX just to go to the cafe, though—It’s not that good.