Happy National Coffee Day!

In case you didn’t realize it, today is National Coffee Day here in the US! Apparently, it’s not that famous—I didn’t know about it until 3:30pm. Someone needs to do more to promote it (a Caffeinated PDX project for next year, perhaps?). Had I realized it a little earlier, I would have extended an invitation to have coffee with me at Park Avenue Café today, my treat, as a thanks for reading. I suppose I still could—so if you are downtown tonight and are interested, shoot me an email and we can meet up. The café closes at 8pm, so you’d better let me know soon.

The video below is from a morning news program from Connecticut. They’re telling their viewers about National Coffee Day and about Dunkin’ Donuts’ free coffee giveaway. I’m posting it because it’s kind of funny—as the reporter talks talking about DD’s promotion, all of the video footage is of Starbucks! The big green apron is a marketing MONSTER, even when they don’t mean to be! The company might not have the best coffee that you can buy, but when it comes to being everywhere, no one can touch it!