Fantastic Friday Links-January 14, 2011

A coffee shop in Split, Croatia is giving customers free use of an iPad instead of handing out free newspapers. link

The Columbian (Vancouver, WA) visited Paper Tiger Coffee on the same day I did. Look for my take on the café early next week. link

The people’s republic of Ukiah, California is trying to keep chains out of its downtown. Bad news for fans of Starbucks and Peet’s. link

More bad news about 2011 coffee production—this time from Indonesia. You’d better be prepared to pay more for that cup. There’s not much good news out there. link

Starbucks fans will be eager to get their hands on Howard Schulz’s new book, coming out in March. I’m sure it will detail how he saved the company. link

Things are heating up because the espresso machine cooled down in Aspen, Colorado, where a barista is being sued for turning off the machine on his last day of work. The coffee shop missed an hour of business the next morning, and the owners are mad. link

A judge ruled that Nespresso did not copy Silodesign’s double-walled glass design. link

You can see a picture of Silodesign’s cup and get a little more background on the story here.

Fox Business News says you can save $1,200 each year by eliminating coffee from your budget. link

One county commissioner from Cleveland wants to do just that. link

Happy Friday!