My Very First Cuban

I stopped in at the Blue Kangaroo Café in Sellwood today and while I was there, Flo, the co-owner of the café, offered me my first cubano. No, the café is not trafficking in illegal cigars from the contentious island nation south of Florida. In the coffee world—for those who don’t know—a cubano is a sweet espresso drink that is prepared by adding sugar to the ground coffee in the portafilter before the barista pulls the shot. You occasionally see them on the menu at a café.  

At the Blue Kangaroo, they also add cinnamon to the coffee and then top the drink off with whipped cream. The cinnamon gives the very rich drink an interesting flavor. You might say that it tastes something like cinnamon toast or a Cinnabon cinnamon roll (a liquid breakfast, perhaps?). I don’t know if I could drink them every day (they’re pretty strong), but as a once-in-a-while treat, they’re worth a try.

I thought I had a picture of it to share with you, but apparently I got over-caffeinated and accidentally deleted the picture I took. Instead, I’ll leave you with a picture of the second double espresso of the day I drank just prior to the cubano (yes, it was quite the morning). My apologies. It’s not as pretty as the cubano, but at least the colors are nice. 

Another caffeinated memory