First Links of 2011

Happy First Friday. Here are some links from this week:

Coffee hijacks plane! A plane had to make an emergency landing this week when the pilot spilled his coffee on his radio equipment, causing it to send out a hijack signal. Oops. link

Starbucks announced a logo change this week. They removed “Starbucks Coffee” from the logo. The move is supposed to help the company be recognized in non-English-speaking countries as well as expand into other products besides coffee. link

Apparently, at least one “marketing and branding expert” didn’t think it was such a good idea. I think he was just trying to drive traffic to his blog (success!) link

There’s a new app that helps you find the best coffee in San Francisco. If anyone is interested in developing one for Portland, let me know. I’d be interested in working on one with you. link

Snohomish County, Washington is pleased with the results of its new bikini barista regulations one year after it implemented them. link

Chile, on the other hand, has apparently not tried too hard to regulate them. link

A bit of planning advice for people considering opening a coffee shop. link

Starbucks and Kraft, still fighting. Couldn’t Howard Schultz and Irene Rosenfeld get together over a cup of coffee and figure things out?  link

Stumptown’s Duane Sorenson has a frank question about Parisian coffee in an article in the New York Times Magazine’s blog. I don’t think he’s too impressed. link

Unlike another person who tried to rob a Dutch Bros. coffee stand, Caitlin Marie Elsen got off easy, receiving six years in prison. link

With a wave of bad publicity in the last year, the Portland Police department might consider trying “coffee with the cops”. link