Links for March 11

It’s that time of the week again. . .

Changes in weather patterns are creating problems for Colombian coffee growers in both output and quality, according to the New York Times. link

The Seattle Times investigates how climate change is affecting Costa Rican coffee producers. link

On a related note, coffee prices touched a 34-year high this week-FT. link

The rise in coffee prices is making coffee a more attractive crop to grow for Mexico’s opium poppy farmers, as reported in this article from the WSJ. link

Democrats in the House, led by Oregon’s Earl Blumenauer, wrote a letter to the Republican leadership asking them to reconsider their decision to reintroduce Styrofoam cups to the House cafeteria. link

After much speculation over the last few months, it appears that Starbucks is going to work with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters to put Starbucks coffee in the K-cups after all. link

US News has some good news about the health effects of drinking coffee, and some concerns about caffeine-drinking kids. link

MSNBC has an article about cafés that cater to bikers. The author mentions Portland as a bike-friendly city with bike cafés, but does not bother to interview anyone here. Too bad. link

This headline from Australia has a logical flaw in it. Can you figure out what it is?

Corby Kummer of The Atlantic has a great assignment—searching Rome for pizza, coffee, and gelato.  How does one get paid to do that? That is the question. . . link

For my Korean friends, an article about coffee in Korea. link

Enjoy your weekend. Hopefully it is sunny where you are. Spring is almost here!