March 18 Links

Another week has come and gone,
Alas, the rain’s still here.
So grab a cup and read the links
And pray that spring is near.

Here's a selection of coffee news for the week:

A group of rebellious Swedish senior citizens has been asked to not come back to the dance hall unless they agree to stop pouring coffee grounds on the floor. link

Have you tried an AeroPress yet? The LA Times has a great article about the technology and the people who swear by its coffee. Sounds to me like the cult of Apple. link

Philadelphia’s “Third Wave” coffee movement is picking up steam, and it sounds quite a bit like Portland’s. link

Tuition is rising in Canada, where a government minister recently said that students could afford the increase by drinking less coffee. link She later backtracked on the statement. link

Howard Schultz, Starbucks’ CEO, has learned many lessons over the years, and according to the New York Times, one of these is humility. link

Schultz recently blamed ‘speculators’ for coffee price increases. One wonders if he blamed speculators when the prices were low too. link

Nespresso’s CEO also blames speculation for coffee price increases, but expects them to come down soon. link

From the ‘strange lawsuits’ category, a Missouri family is suing Starbucks for keeping the tip jar too close to the cash register. I bet this one gets dismissed. link

Another one from the lawsuit category. The Aspen barista who was sued for turning off a café’s espresso machine the last night he worked at the café will not have to worry about missing anymore ski days. The suit has been dismissed. link

Many workplaces provide coffee for their workers, but these days some are providing stronger beverages too. link