Poetry, a picture and some links

It’s April 1st, but where’s the rain?
Does this mean spring has come again?
You see the sun, but dare not blink
It might be gone before you think


Today on this, the day of fools
Hopefully you broke some rules
Now set aside your long-week blues
Sit back and read some coffee news


The sun is fighting valiantly against the clouds

Good news for coffee drinkers in the Windy City! Stumptown is planning to open another roastery this year, in Chicago. It will be the company’s fourth city with a roastery, after Portland, Seattle and New York. Will Intelligentsia reciprocate in Portland? We'll see. link

Do you have problems trying to get your coffee to the right temperature for drinking? A couple of entrepreneurs have come up with a way to solve that problem. Coffee Joulies look like a couple oversized metal coffee beans, and they cool your coffee when it is too hot, then warms it when it is too cold. It looks like a gem of an invention to me. link

Giorgio Milos of The Atlantic details the process of roasting your own coffee at home (I’m still reluctant to try it, with so much well-roasted coffee around this city. . .one of these days). link

Believe it or not, there’s a star out there somewhere that is supposed to be about the same temperature as a cup of coffee. link

You can recycle your Starbucks iced drink cups at Whole Foods if you don’t want to just throw them away (for the record, you can recycle plastic cups at Starbucks in Asia). link

Headed to the Oregon Coast, but don’t know where to get coffee? Sleepy Monk in Canon Beach might be a place to check out, if you’re looking for fair-trade organic coffee. link

Coffee is good for you! link

Coffee is bad for you! link

CBS’ Andy Rooney, doesn’t give a damn if it’s good for you, or bad for you, or good for you, or. . . he’s not listening. link