Saturday night links

I am going to be out of Portland for most of the next two weeks, so you won't see me lurking around any coffee shops for a while. I went back to Dayton to help my family get caught up with spring work. Portland is not the only place that has been cold and rainy this year, and the weather has delayed planting. It's time to get the spring crops in and they can use an extra (experienced) hand. I'll try to write a story or two, but if the posts get sporadic, it's because I'm out driving around in circles in a field somewhere. Blame my brother.

Then, at the end of the month, I will be traveling to San Francisco for a couple days. Does anyone have any recommendations on what to see? Any hidden secrets (that you're willing to share)?

Here are a few links for the weekend.

Kraft wasted no time after its divorce with Starbucks before finding another coffee company to partner with for supermarket coffee distribution. The company announced that it will begin stocking shelves this fall with coffee from Gevalia (who?). link

Starbucks isn’t sitting still either. It looks like the big green apron is working its toward becoming a major player in the food industry. In fact, if you read this article, it sounds like Starbucks is becoming more like. . . .Kraft. link

Someone might need to call an optometrist in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Police searched an office building after a worker reported someone entering with a gun. Turns out it was a coffee mug with a big handle. link

Are you a coffee addict? Blame your parents. Well, maybe. link

Who has the most loyal coffee drinkers? McDonald’s, of course…(Yikes). link

Women are boosting the sales of coffee capsules in South Korea. link

If you have been thinking about buying Howard Schultz’ new book Onward, you should read this review. link