Late Links, June 18, 2011

Here are Friday’s “missing links.”

Portland-based Coava has a new version of its Kone filter that gets some love from Gizmodo. link

Willamette Weekly has written a good analysis of the Stumptown sale to TSG. link

Uganda’s coffee farmers and government are working together to keep more of the money from the country’s coffee crop inside Uganda (with video). link

Forbes is decidedly optimistic about the future of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, based on the increasing market penetration of the company’s K-cup machines. link

The Philippine government is undertaking a tree-planting program, and coffee trees have been designated a “re-forestation species.” The thing I find fascinating about the article is that while most of it is written in English, the quotes are not (something a linguaphile can appreciate). link

The coffee industry needs to consume less water, argues a piece in The Guardian. link

Caffè Vita is offering free French press coffee for dads on Father’s Day (June 19). link


Have a great weekend!