Video Friday: Unicorn-Free Coffee and Why the Government is Not like a Business

Certifiably Strange (and funny)

A couple videos to help you pass those last few hours of work before the weekend:

First, a link to this video arrived in my inbox last night from Jonathan Sellwood. Rest assured, there won’t be any unicorns in your coffee if you get it from Cellar Door.  

[Side note: Doesn’t Cellar Door’s Jeremy Adams (featured in the video) remind you of Jay Leno?]

Is Government like Business?

The second video is relevant to the battles currently happening in Washington, D.C., over the budget and the debt ceiling. The two main parties have starkly different visions for the role of the government. One sentiment that comes from the Republican side is that government should be run more like a business: “The government spends too much! It should have to balance its budget, just like I do with my business!

This idea might seem logical, but the reality is a little more complicated. The video below, from, talks about three ways government is different than a business.