Help for the Instant Coffee Drinker in Your Family

We all have our own unique tastes and pastimes—some people are into sports, others video games. Some like to knit, some roast their own coffee. In Portland, some people are big into pickling. One of my pastimes is watching British sitcoms. 

When I was growing up, I used to watch Fawlty Towers, a British sitcom based around the blundering owner of a small hotel. The proprietor, played by John Cleese, would get into the most awkward situations, usually caused by a combination of his own arrogance and ineptitude. 

As I got older, my interests in British sitcoms widened to include Are You Being Served?, Keeping Up Appearances, Waiting for God, Coupling, and the Vicar of Dibley. Something about the British sense of humor resonates with me. 

Accordingly, the other day, the folks over at Make Decent Coffee, a coffee and coffee equipment retailer based in the UK, sent me the following graphic with a dose of British humor. You can share it with the instant coffee drinker in your life. (Here’s one for you, Dad!)


(Note: Although far from converted, my father went with me to Water Avenue and Coava the last couple times he visited Portland. In both cases, he seemed to enjoy his coffee—thus, there’s hope yet!)