Um viagem lindo (A beautiful trip)

Here’s some creative writing that I did for a contest for Trazzler, a travel website that relies on readers to describe their experiences at various places around the world. Entries for the contest were supposed to be less than 120 words and written in the “Trazzler style.” I chose to write about Coffeehouse Northwest. The entry didn’t win anything, but it was still fun to write. Thought I’d share it with you.

Dreaming of Brazil in Portland, Oregon 

Looking for relief from the gray Portland winter, I slip in the back door at Coffeehouse Northwest.

What cure for the blues do you have on grind? I ask, knowing that the ever-changing espresso lineup always offers something sublime.

A Brazilian coffee from Serra Negra, the barista replies—a  “black saw” to cut through the doldrums. I order a double. It has hints of strawberries and summer sun.

Sip by sip, my spirits rise. Over the speakers, the Girl from Ipanema is swaying down to the sea, and my escape to Rio is complete. Refreshed, I slip out the back door, ready to face the gray once more.