News and Links for Friday

Fresh from the search engines, here are your coffee links for the week. Enjoy!

In the least surprising news of the week, Seattle and Portland were voted the best coffee cities in America by Travel & Leisure. link

Baristas beware—there’s a new robot pour-over master in town that might brew better coffee than you do (with video). link

Generosity is alive and well in Lampedusa, Italy, where a café owner offers free coffee to Tunisian migrants who cannot pay for it. link

Dunkin’ Donuts signed a deal last week to put its coffee in the K-cups. This week, there is speculation that Peet’s will do the same. I do not foresee Stumptown joining the stampede to sell K-cups, thankfully. link

Nespresso was dealt a blow this week when a Swiss court ruled that Denner could sell coffee capsules that are compatible with Nespresso’s machine. link

In other Nespresso news, the company did manage to be one of the first companies to place its products in a British television show. This is a new and controversial new practice in the UK that has been around for years in the US. link

Starbucks and Kraft, one step closer to finalizing their divorce. link

In Massachusetts, a mini-van crashed into a coffee shop (includes video). Oops. link

David Sarasohn, editor of the Oregonian, gives his take on the Republicans’ decision to bring back Styrofoam to the House cafeteria. link

If you regularly drink any of the drinks on this list, you might want to reconsider, for your health’s sake.

Fox News does not like the fact that the town of Orange, Connecticut was ordered to reinstate casual Fridays and pay for workers’ coffee. link

Melissa Ward Aguilar does mention that she stops at a coffee plantation on her trip to Costa Rica, but it’s the zip lines through the rain forest that sound like the most fun to me. link

Another report about rising coffee prices, this time in the Wall Street Journal. link

Fair Trade is not the same as Fairtrade, and neither might be the guarantee of ethical business practices that you think they are. link