San Francisco Scenes

A couple pics from our recent jaunt to San Francisco:

The Golden Gate Bridge, a must-see for first-time vistors
Still looks great after 78 years
That's a big cable
The San Remo Hotel - inexpensive, with lots of character
At the DeYoung museumSan Franciso is much more urban than Portland. There are fewer trees and less space between the houses.
Very San Franciso-ishOf course, we had to check out a couple of the city's leading roasters and their cafés. We went to Ritual Roasters and Sightglass Coffee while we were there.

Ritual Roasters - the people's cafe?They like tennis at RitualEspresso? Yes, thank you
Picture perfectSightglass is small, but. . .
. . .not for long
This guy was impressed with Sightglass
Happy 10th anniversary ;)