Links, links

Some coffee news from the last week:

Stumptown’s beans made it into the Oliver Strand’s New York Times column about his trip to Philadelphia. link

If you are concerned about how “green” your coffee is, the most important factor is how the coffee was grown, according to a study done in Switzerland. link

Italian authorities won a recent battle against the coffee mafia. link

In Oakland, California, a company is growing mushrooms out of used coffee grounds. link

Starbucks’ Howard Schultz once again blames high coffee prices on speculators, and predicts that the price of coffee is going to come back down this year. link

Taiwan’s coffee production and consumption are increasing rapidly. link

A difference between men and women: women prefer the smell of coffee to help them wake up, while men prefer fried food. link

Sounds like the Garden Grove City coffee shops were getting a little too wild. There was too much nudity and gambling (the most interesting part of the story is the fake Pac-Man games). link

On a similar note, the Grand View (topless) coffee shop in Vassalboro, Maine, will no longer offer quite the same view. They were busted for putting up illegal signs and have decided to leave town. link

Seattle’s Best Coffee (a misnomer) can now be bought at 50,000 different locations. Now that’s ubiquity. link

Bad news if you have a brain aneurysm. No more coffee or sex. link

These days, many people choose to not carry cash, only using credit or debit cards to pay for everything. While the cards are convenient, the fees associated with them are very hard on a café’s margins. A battle to regulate these fees is raging in Congress. link